If it doesn't kill you, it's Legal



by Zeph

Next page'll be delayed, didn't get a chance to finish.

Character Bios

by Zeph

Alright, so I updated the character bios pages as requested, it now contains both Team 1, Team 2, as well as Vice and Rachel.


by Zeph
computer went down no new pb for a while...

The art of Plastic Bullets?

by Zeph

Excuse the rather lame blog title.
I figured I'd make a blog, even though I'm not entirely sure what one is suppose to write in one. I'm not one to actually go and look them up, or read them, so I don't really know what they contain. I guess pretty much anything?
Anyway, I figured I'd talk a little about plastic bullets. The update schedule is still up in the air right now, I was originally going to do just fridays, but then after asking my friend how many weeks are in a year, I found out if I started doing it weekly, by the end of a full year, I'd only have 51 comics done by the end of said year. That's a bit harsh on a story, but I can't just whip out pages either, so really it's a horse a peice really.

Um. That's really it.