If it doesn't kill you, it's Legal

In the history of PB, both the original comic and Mayhem Unloaded, I have gotten comments about people mistaking the two sports, of Airsoft and Paintball. I'd like to simply clear up that they are not the same thing. Yes it is correct that both sports are about shooting the opponent with your little non lethal projectile. However in their gameplay, and strategy they are much different, and most of all they are extremely different in gear.
If you were to relate the two sports to something, it'd be this.

Paintball=Laser Tag. Your weapon variety is very very limited. There are a few paintball pistols, but they have very small clips, and can be very inaccurate. But in paint-ball you rarely need a side arm. There are also snipers, but those are few and inbetween, and require specialized ammo just to use. Paintball is the easier sport, it's more straight forward. You run and gun. There are official rules for this sport.

Airsoft= Non Lethal Warfare. Airsoft has a variety of weapons at you exposal, all different, and requiring you to learn your weapon in order to use it effectively. Unlike Paintball with it's limited variety of weapons. Airsoft has snipers, assault rifles, machine pistols, pistols, grenade launchers, shotguns, ect. Unlike Paintball, which doesn't have full auto, you have to play to you weapon's strengths and weaknesses if you hope to win a game of airsoft. A shotgun can take on an assault rifle if you can sneak up on them, but if you're an idiot, and rush them head on like one might in paint-ball, you'll be dead before you can even take a second shot.
Airsoft also does not have a set of official rules. It has various leagues, and varies from area to area. This leaves their rules very interpretable. Which is why in Mayhem Unloaded, they have Ink Knives, a melee weapon that replaces real knives. If you create a rule for melee weapons, it is viable in airsoft.

Basically, do not assume just because you played Paintball, you know how Airsoft is played. And please keep in mind, it's PLASTIC BULLETS, not PAINT bullets. This isn't a paintball comic.

Also I'd like to say, Paintball is a fun sport. It is just not the same sport.