If it doesn't kill you, it's Legal

Welcome to the PBMU Game Play and Terminology page. This page is here to help you understand the terms, and rules of the Mayhem Unloaded Tournament.


Let's start off with the term Airsoft: Airsoft is a sport in which participants eliminate opponents by hitting each other with spherical non-metallic pellets launched via replica firearms called Airsoft guns. (Credit for Definition goes to Wikipedia)

Similar to paintball, but different as you'll see by clicking on "The Big Difference" tab in the navigation menu.


BB: A BB is a small sphere launched from air powered guns, there's two types, metallic, and plastic (Or biodegradable substitute). You don't shoot people with the metal ones, that's just stupid.

Airsoft guns use the plastic non-lethal ones.


Co2: Carbon Dioxide, we exhale it, plants love it, and we compress it into small canisters for both paintball and airsoft. It's also in fire extinguishers, but that's beside the point. CO2 is a power source for some types of Airsoft Guns.


Green Gas: An alternate power source for gas airsoft guns, it's got silicone oil in it, so unlike Co2 that gunks up a gun, this gas lubes it. Though unlike Co2 the gas is flammable, and doesn't come in small easily to change canisters, instead it's injected directly into green gas gun clips.

I find the gas less reliable than co2, more of a hindrance when refilling, and prone to leaking out of the clip, reducing your firing ability greatly.


AEG: Automatic Electric Gun. Various airsoft rifles, like Carbines, Assault Rifles and Machine guns are powered by a battery and a motor rather than gas like pistols, and single shot sniper rifles (As a battery can hold more of a charge and flip out more rounds, without having to be changed as often as gas. Gas is however stronger.)


Hop Up: Hop up controls the accuracy and power of the gun, adjusting it puts a slight spin on the bb, making it more accurate, higher end guns have it, most cheap guns don't.


Magazine: Where the gun stores it's ammo, some guns have no magazines, and have built in BB Reservoirs, such as Chris's Compact 1911. Some Magazines have Co2 slots in them to insert Co2 Canisters, some have tanks to be filled with Green Gas, some just hold BB's like those for spring loaded and electric guns. Some gas guns have Just BB Magazines, like the Ruger Pistol, which uses small Magazine that are inserted infront of the Co2 that is stored in the pistol's grip rather than the magazine.


Spring: Spring powered guns. Simple, cock back the spring, trigger releases. Sling shot principle.


Reservoir: Rifle clips don't load all their BB's at once, they have reservoirs that hold the BB's until they're chambered in the clip by the spring.

Wind Up: Winding up a clip is how you get BBs from the reservoir into the queue to be fired from the gun. The BBs are pushed up by a spring that is winded up underneath the bb Queue, there is a release button on the top of the clip that will launch out the BBs when the game is done, so you don't ruin your Spring Tension.


Blow Back: Block Back is an aesthetic only thing, it serves no real purpose than to make the gun feel more realistic by using gas to force back the slide of the gun, like a real one would when gun-powder is used to fire a bullet.


BB Weight: BBs come in various weights, the weight effects how far the bb will fly, and how accurately it'll fly.

Lighter BBs can travel farther, but they're less accurate, and will go whatever way they want.

Basic BB Weights.

.12 Grams, these are cheap generic BBs, pretty much trash rounds. Not bad if you just want to full auto out of a AEG.

.20 Grams: These are the standard rounds for most Airsoft Play, they're accurate enough, and not to heavy that they lose distance.

.25 Grams, heavier, more accurate, but less distance, primarily used in Snipers which have enough of a kick to launch them further than say an AEG Rifle, or Gas Pistols.

Gas Rifles are some of the strongest at this.


.30 Grams: More accurate, less range.


Caliber: The size of the round that can be fired from a gun. All airsoft guns are .6mm



Gear Box: The part not the company. Gear boxes are basically what their name implies, a housing for the gears that power an AEG, and fire the rounds.


Battery: Probably don't need to explain this, but batteries power AEGs, they come in several types, and are kept in various places of the gun, depending on the gun's design.


-------------------------------------PBMU Only Terms----------------------------------


Alright, this section are terms that only apply to the comic itself, and the Mayhem Unloaded Tournament, does not apply to the real sport of airsoft.


Ink Knife: Ink knives as explained by Rachel in Chapter 1, are substitutes for real combat knives. They inflict Ink damage, which instant kills from neck shots.


Ink Canister: Refills an ink knife, it's like a marker, open it's handle, and slide the ink pouch in.


Mayhem's Eye/Player Watch: Each player is assigned a watch, that is their ID, reads their vitals, and keeps track of them with a tiny little sphere high speed camera that follows them with a cloaking device, so they are being recorded the entire time the watch is activated. This the Mayhem's Eye,. These little eye boys read all the data from the player's watch and sends it to the tournament's mainframe during a match. They also send data to the watch, as their high speed camera registers every single BB hit on the player, telling the watch to Decrease their HP, while at the same time sending that data to the tournament's mainframe. When the Watch's HP reaches Zero it tazes the wearer. Knocking them out. The Eye has a safety feature, where before it sends the taze command it ejects a small cable that latches onto the player, so it can slowly lower them to the ground. To avoid one from smashing their head.

            It is illegal to jam, or tamper with the signals between the two devices, as it may lead to death or serious injury.




Game Types: Coming Soon