If it doesn't kill you, it's Legal

Welcome to the Plastic Bullets Mayhem Unloaded Character Page. Here you'll find brief bios on all the main PBMU characters.

Team One.


Andrew Cross
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Birthdate: April 29th.

Bio: Considerably normal in his life. He was an average student, getting mostly c's. He didn't care much for sports, didn't go out of his way for after school activities. When he was younger

he quit martial arts, softball, and boyscouts. He wasn't going anywhere, just existing. It wasn't until the end of highschool when members of his family started dying that he realized just how short life was.

After the 5th death in five years, he was determined to live where they could not. With a new sense of meaning, Andrew entered the Mayhem Unloaded tournament, tired of just existing he was determind to live.

To show the world that he can do more than just exist. Adopting the Creed of Anything, Cross fights his way through the bloody ranks of the Tournament, with the goal of leaving his mark on the world.

Cynthia Stellacruse
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Birthday: August 4th

Bio: Cynthia is the youngest of two daughters. Exceptional at academics she excelled in most of her classes. Leading her to tutor Andrew several times. She met Andrew when they were little, and the two became friends. However issues later in their lives

have begun to tear that friendship appart. Cyn agrees to enter the tournament with Cross for her own reasons, though she'll never say them out loud. She's a first degree black belt, having quit the program after she got it do to school activities, such as track, archery, and cross country consuming most of her time.

Jace Enders
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Birthday: December 9th.

Bio: Jace is the eldest brother of a family of 3 children. Raised by a single mother, he learned to take care of himself, and his siblings at a young age. He's very protective of his friends Cyn and Cross, and views them in the same way his own kin. He tries to resolve issues before they become violent between the two. Though he's not always passive, and him and Cross tend to be oil and water on certain matters.

Jace is also a 5th degree black belt in karate, he had earned his actual black belt in Japan when he stayed with his uncle there.

Team Two

Christopher Cross
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Birthday: October 7th

Bio: Christopher Cross, is Andrew's older brother. Intelligent, and inventive, Chris uses his wits to develop rather obsurd means of victory. From crafting medeval seige weapons out of things lying around a garage, to blasting through doors with a propane powered pressure cannon. Though he tries to be there for his brother, the two of them don't see eye to eye alot of the time, having different opinions on different subjects. Though they're more similiar than they'd like to admit. Both of them are quick to anger, easily frustrated, and blunt. Chris tends to like his drinking, which puts him at ends with his non drinking sibling. Chris's aim has always been better than his brother's. Having prefered sniping in most first person shooters, Chris has taken to learning the art of sniping with his mauser, though his high powered AK47 mows enemies down with rather obsurd accuracy.

His weapon lay out consists of a Spring powered bolt action Mauser sniper rifle, a fully automatic Co2 Desert Eagle, a compact colt 1911, and an Electric AK47 his favorite gun.

Eve Ravenbold
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Birthday: December 24th (She's aware of the joke)

Bio: Eve is a strong willed woman, determined, self motivatated, and physically powerful. Her father enrolled her in self defense classes when she was young. It later took her to a mixed martial arts tournament, where she won herself a title at the age of 19. Eve's fighting style focused heavily on grapples combined with powerful kicks from her long slender legs. Eve had met Chris when they were in highschool, Chris was her lab partner, and when she told him about being in the school's MMA club, he supported her every step of the way, showing up at her matches to cheer her on. Eve grew an attachment to Chris, leading her to join him in the Mayhem Unloaded tournament when his younger brother Andrew proposed it.

Nicole Blackheart
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Birthday: April 15th

Bio: Nicole is an enigma to most. She shows little emotion, outside of boredom. A sociopathic personality for the most part, she prefers to read books over the company of others. Her uncaring nature, and the coldness of her presense tends ot unnerve others on her team, save for the Cross brothers, and Eve. Nicole's parents died when she was very young, her god mother had reluctantly taken her in, but wanted little to do with her. To her Nicole did everything wrong, she was useless, and worthless. To deal with this, Nicole lost herself in her books, the world of fairy tales and happy endings, or whatever ever else she could pick up and read. As her internal world grew, her outter shell froze. She began to show little emotion, learned to keep a straight face when her aunt beat her, and never cried. The poor home life lead her to join a group of delinquients, where she became rather skilled in the use of knives, leading to her later collection of them. Nicole was disowned by her godmother, and placed into foster care until she was 18. Her foster families were little better compared to her aunt, finding her weird, and a burden. She met Chris and Andrew by chance, when she was left for dead after a drive by, the two brothers had saved her from the verge of death by performing emergency first aid until the ambulance arrived. When she awoke the two of them were asleep at her bed side. Andrew having fell asleep on his brother's shoulder, and drooling.

Nicole shares a strong bond of loyalty with the Cross brothers. She almost always has her bandana, only taking it off for bathing.


Rachel Maverick
Age: 22
Birthday: May 18th

Bio: There are many ways to describe Rachel Maverick. Pervert, Nympho, excentric, crazy, passionate, loveable, vulgar, odd, the list only goes on. She is Team 1 and Team 2's spotter, and in a way their manager. She takes care of all the information gathering for the team, as well as giving them all commands during bonus missions, or matches that allow spotters. Rachel has a rather strong limbido, which makes her a handful for the members of EDGE to deal wth. She often hits on Chris, Andrew, or Vice, tending to only tease Jace. She's a one night stand kind of girl though, and none of them want a meaningless relationship. Afraid to commit because of her parent's and their poor spouse choices, Rachel finds herself in a loveless limbo. Though she wears a perverted smile on the outside, she's in turmoil over a future she cannot seem to control. Rachel tends to isolate herself in her room watching porn or playing video games.only coming out when she has to eat and use the bathroom, or to harass her team. Unless she's on the job, in which Rachel switches over to her more serious side. Some of her favorite pranks is moaning seductively in Cross's ear, a weakness she's found in him.

Rachel hacked a satelite at the age of 13 when she wanted to see what was on the fuzzy channels. Needless to say, she's on the CIA's watchlist.

Aaron Vice
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Birthday: July 1st

Aaron Vice, the excentric orange juice loving psychopath. Or so some will say about him. Aaron is a 4th degree black belt in karate. He has a rather obsurd obsession with orange juice, driving him to do nearly anything to obtain it. His girlfriend Kelly O'Clany doesn't know how she puts up with him half the time. His role on EDGE, is the seventh member, ultimately he substitutes for any injured player on either team, or in EDGE missions (When both teams are combined) when team sizes are at 7 members. Vice is normally alright with sitting on the sidelines, extended matches without orange juice tend to wear him out, and kill his patience. Which sometimes leads to rather violent results for the enemy.

Vice met Andrew Cross when he was a freshman in college, and Cross was a sophmore. The two share similiar personalities, and points of view, leading to a rather strong friendship.